Think You Can’t Afford Custom Content Services? Think Again!

Press Release provided by Krista Black on February 13, 2017, February 13, 2017 — WEST VIRGINIA — Custom Content Services Provided by a Company That Understands

Custom content writing for company websites can be intimidating. Many business owners do not know exactly what "content writing" means, but they do know that to compete, they must have a credible online presence. They also know that the copy they're paying for should not be generic; it should be tailored to their company and their customers or clients. The conundrum is often whether to write in-house or hire an outside service.

The TwoDogBlog, LLC recognizes the tension business owners face: They know their services and products best, but they may not have the time or knowledge to create content that improves their rankings. Enter the TwoDogBlog.

Why the TwoDogBlog Is Special

The TwoDogBlog removes the burden from owners, managers, and staff who take time out of their busy schedules to write current, relevant web content, especially web page copy and blogs. We know that producing keyword-rich content on an ongoing basis can be nearly impossible in-house, especially for small businesses.

At the TwoDogBlog, we believe in offering flexibility to our customers. Recognizing the need of businesses, big and small, for custom content, the TwoDogBlog offers a la carte custom content services for businesses who may not want to enter into expensive monthly contracts.

What We Do

The TwoDogBlog produces content in many different formats for businesses and professionals, like these:

Web page copy Blogs, articles, and newsletters Marketing copy, such as email promotions and telephone scripts Biographies Product summaries Case law summaries and case studies Client email updates Speeches and presentations White papers Legal research and writing Social media profiles and posts Proofreading and editing

One specialty area of the firm is legal writing. TwoDogBlog principal Krista Duncan Black is an experienced legal content writer. She is a licensed attorney who served as a Lead Quality Editor for LexisNexis and an Articles Editor for the Indiana Law Journal.

Another principal of the firm, Jeff Black, is a seasoned writer of a wide range of business documents, including white papers, proposals, speeches, presentations, and articles. Jeff is a veteran of public administration and holds a master's degree in legal studies and a bachelor’s degree in human resource management.

How the TwoDogBlog Can Help Your Business

With the explosion of Internet-based commerce, the TwoDogBlog is stepping into the void many small businesses encounter when they set out to market themselves online. Appreciating the need for cost containment, the TwoDogBlog seeks to keep costs affordable, while providing exceptionally high quality service to its clients.

You may reach the TwoDogBlog at

Krista Black

Krista Black

TwoDogBlog, LLC

Attorney Krista Black is Member of TwoDogBlog, LLC, a law firm in South Charleston, West Virginia. As a lawyer in South Charleston, WV, attorney Black serves Kanawha County, as well as clients throughout West Virginia.
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