Shainfeld Law Announces Stunning New Website Launch

Press Release provided by Brett Shainfeld on December 20, 2017

Shainfeld Law, a California law firm specializing in lemon law cases, launched their new website on November 2. The new site offers consumers quick and easy access to a wealth of information pertaining to lemon law in the state of California and makes it easier than ever for clients to contact the firm and schedule a free consultation. Shainfeld Law’s newly launched website will revolutionize the way the firm attracts and communicates with potential clients. The new website is located at

Speaking on the firm’s excitement over the new site, Shainfeld Law owner and chief lemon law attorney Brett Shainfeld said, “The new site is going to allow us to reach more people and provide a higher level of service to our customers. We’ve created a hub of useful information people can easily search when they have questions about vehicle manufactures, past lemon law cases, and what their rights are under California lemon law. Plus, our clients can now easily contact us and schedule a consultation, or get immediate answers through online chat.”

The new website has a number of features that will be helpful for users, including:

- A modern homepage and easy-to-navigate design - An integrated chat function for immediate information during business hours - A robust resource section containing lemon law FAQs, useful videos, and news - Information about the specifics of California’s lemon law and filing a case - Helpful testimonials from previous Shainfeld Law clients - Consumer notices about specific manufacturers and relevant recalls - A simple form for requesting a consultation

In addition to the user-friendly functionality and valuable resources on lemon law, the new site will also contain a blog space where lemon law attorney, Brett Shainfeld and the rest of the team at Shainfeld Law will regularly post company updates and helpful information that will assist consumers in understanding lemon law in California.

About Shainfeld Law: Shainfeld Law is a California lemon law firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in lemon law, owner Brett Shainfeld earned a law degree from the Loyola School and holds accreditation in California. He’s been helping consumers understand their rights and get the compensation they deserve in lemon law cases for more than 10 years. Brett Shainfeld focuses on lemon law because of his passion for protecting the rights of consumers.

Shainfeld Law is located at the address below: 
113 N. San Vicente Blvd. 2nd Floor 
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Brett Shainfeld

Brett Shainfeld

Shainfeld Law

Attorney Brett Shainfeld is Member of Shainfeld Law, a law firm in Los Angeles, California. As a lawyer in Los Angeles, CA, attorney Shainfeld serves Los Angeles County, as well as clients throughout California.
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