Residential Real Estate:


Liability insurance and title insurance are the most common forms of real property insurance. Liability insurance offers coverage if someone is hurt on your property. It is usually sold as a packaged policy which combines several kinds of coverage including property contents, theft, liability, and defense against lawsuits. You may want additional protection if floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes are common in your area.

Titles insurance offers coverage to a homeowner if they find a defect in the title and the homeowner didn't get clear title to the property. This policy covers the cost of defending your title against another's claims.

A homeowner’s policy includes liability and property coverage, which extends to activities away from and not connected to the home. This policy pays for the rebuilding or repairing of a home if it is damaged by fire, wind or vandalism. This policy also pays for personal items if they are damaged by fire or wind or if they are stolen. Homeowner’s insurance also covers your liability if someone is hurt on your property.