Medical Device:

Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Socket Implant

In 2006, the Zimmer Company released the Durom Cup Hip Socket Implant. Constructed of cobal chromium alloy, the Durom Cup was designed for younger patients who would likely outlive a typical hip prosthesis. Unfortunately, after thousands were implanted with the Durom Cup Hip Socket, patients began complaining of pain that left them more immobile than before the procedure.

Before the Durom Cup Hip Socket was released into the market, an orthopedic surgeon from the Zimmer Company noticed several defects in the device. Dr. Lawrence Dorr found that the hip socket implants were not settling correctly, causing the severe pain reported by patients. Furthermore, Dr. Dorr found that the defective Durom Cup caused the socket to separate from the bone, rather than fusing with it.

Dr. Dorr confirmed his thesis when x-rays revealed a defect in the Durom Cup Hip Socket. When Dr. Dorr reported his finding to the Zimmer Company, they blamed the Durom Cup Hip Socket problems on his surgical techniques. (Dr. Dorr had performed more than 5,000 hip replacements in his career.)

Next, Dr. Dorr took his findings to the American Association for Hip and Knee Surgeons. At this point, more than 12,000 individuals were implanted with the Durom Cup Hip socket. Eventually, the Zimmer Company stopped selling the defective medical device in the United States.

Because the Zimmer Company ignored the warnings from its own orthopedic surgeon, they can be held liable for injuries caused by the defective Durom Cup Hip Socket Implant. Many who experienced adverse reactions to the Durom Cup required additional surgery to replace the defective component. Patients who pursue a lawsuit may be eligible to recover the cost of this additional surgery, as well as damages for lost wages and pain and suffering. To speak with a Durom Cup Hip Socket attorney today, fill out our free case review on the right.