Products Liability:

Seatbelt Defects

Seatbelt defects can be caused by several deficiencies. Slack inducing devices were designed to deploy a 10 inch energy absorbing loop during crashes. Unfortunately, the extra slack would allow an occupant to be ejected from the vehicle during rollovers. Inertial unlatching can also occur when the seatbelt buckle releases during a collision. False latching happens when the seat belt looks, feels and sounds like it is locked. This often occurs when an item, such as a coin, is inserted in the seat belt buckle. Inadvertent unlatching occurs due to a poorly designed, protruding button that requires minimal release force.

Also, the seat belt webbing may not be strong enough to withstand severe force without tearing. In addition, occupants only restrained by a lap belt may jackknife over the belt and become seriously injured. On the other hand, those restrained by only a shoulder belt can suffer neck injuries and even decapitation.