Products Liability:

Magnetic Toys

In Aug. 2007, Mattel additionally recalled millions of its Magnetic toy sets. The magnets, which measure 1/8 of an inch in diameter, can come loose and pose a potential risk to children if swallowed. These magnets are located on the hands, feet, clothing and accessories of the magnetic toys. If more than one magnet is ingested, they can become attracted to each other in the intestinal tract, which can lead to bowel obstructions and intestinal perforations. The recall pertains to various models of Polly Pockets, Doggie Day Car Magnet Toys, Batman Magnetic Action Figure sets, and Barbie and Tanner toy sets.

This follows the recall of 4.4 million Polly Pocket play sets. Three children were hospitalized after swallowing magnets from the Polly Pockets.