Dangerous Drug:


A popular weight loss supplement, Hydroxycut has been recalled by its manufacturer after reports of serious liver injuries have surfaced. The FDA has received 23 reports of dangerous liver problems, including jaundice, in those taking the supplement.

While not all Hydroxycut products have been linked to liver problems, the manufacturer has agreed to recall 14 of its weight loss, energy enhancers, low carb diet aids, fat burners and water loss products, including:

  • Hydroxycut Regular Rapid Release Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Regular Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Caffeine-Free Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Liquid Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Max Liquid Caplets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
  • Hydroxycut Max Drink Packets
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore RTDs (Ready-to-Drink)
  • Hydroxycut 24
  • Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed
  • Hydroxycut Carb Control
  • Hydroxycut Natural
  • Hydroxycut Liquid Shots

Although Hydroxycut products were marketed as “safe” diet supplements, the manufacturer Iovate Health Sciences failed to properly study and test the side effects of several herbs, chemicals and metals found in the drug. Also, users were not warned of the potential dangerous Hydroxycut liver side effects, which can lead to numerous medical treatments and even death.

According to the FDA reports, Hydroxycut side effects include the following:

  • Jaundice
  • Liver damage
  • Liver failure
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Kidney failure
  • Rhabdomyolysis Muscle Damage
  • Seizures
  • Heart problems
  • Death

Individuals taking Hydroxycut should discontinue use of all 14 recalled products. Likewise, individuals exhibiting symptoms of Hydroxycut liver side effects should seek immediate medical attention.

If you or a loved one has suffered liver problems or other serious injuries while taking Hydroxycut, fill out our free case evaluation form today. Our Hydroxycut lawyers are dedicated to ensuring drug companies are responsible for the ill effects of their products. Contact our Hydroxycut attorneys today to find out if you are eligible for compensation stemming from your Hydroxycut injuries.