Dangerous Drug:


Manufactured by Cephalon Inc., Fentora is prescribed for cancer patients with severe or breakthrough pain that cannot be controlled with other drugs. Fentora contains the drug fentanyl which is 80 times stronger than morphine. Therefore, only cancer patients who have become tolerant of other opioids should be prescribed Fentora.

Unfortunately, poor dosing instructions have lead many doctors to prescribe dangerous amounts of Fentora in non-cancer patients. The FDA has learned that Fentora was prescribed for off-label uses, including pain relief for headaches, back aches and migraines. The agency has tried to correct this problem by sending letters alerting heathcare providers of the overdose risk associated with Fentora. Unfortunately, this warning may have come too late for many Fentora users. The FDA has already reported several deaths associated with Fentora.

Although Fentora now includes an updated warning label and better dosing instructions, the manufacturer can still be held liable for deaths related to Fentora overdose. If a loved one was negligently prescribed Fentora and suffered an overdose, our Fentora attorneys can help you recover compensation for your loss.