Dangerous Drug:


Manufactured by Pfizer, Chantix is a prescription smoking cessation drug used to help smokers end their nicotine addiction. Chatnix has helped millions quit smoking by blocking nicotine receptors in the brain, therefore reducing cigarette cravings. Unfortunately, Chantix users have also reported serious psychological side effects, which lead the FDA to place a black box warning on the smoking cessation drug.

In July 2009, the FDA placed a black box warning on Chantix to alert users of the risk of serious mental health side effects including depression, suicidal thoughts, hostility and changes in behavior. The FDA issued their strongest safety warning for Chantix after receiving 98 reports of suicide and 188 reports of attempted suicide in Chantix users. In many Chantix users, serious mental health side effects started once they began the medication and ended when the medication was stopped. However, some users continued to experience Chantix side effects after stopping the drug.

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