Poynter Law Firm, LLC Warns Columbus of Landlord Scam

Press Release provided by Angel Poynter on December 23, 2017

Poynter Law Firm, LLC has recently encountered several of these landlord scams in Columbus and is spreading awareness to potential renters, as well as homeowners who have left their homes vacant. As reported on November 14, 2013, The Columbus Dispatch also helped to warn unsuspecting homeowners and renters with an article about a fake landlord renting out foreclosed homes.Tenants should take notice of red flags. If a landlord only accepts cash payments in person at the residence, ask to see their identification.  

Angel V. Poynter of Poynter Law Firm, LLC recently worked with a homeowner who filed for bankruptcy and vacated her home, before the bank completed the foreclosure process.  The home was rented out on Craigslist without the owner’s knowledge. Attorney Poynter was also presented with a similar situation, wherein a prior tenant re-rented out the premises, collecting rent from and providing keys to a new unsuspecting tenant.

“If you are a renter, investigate your landlord before signing a lease. If you are a homeowner and include your house in a bankruptcy or are under foreclosure, you do not need to vacate your property until the bank has completed the foreclosure and the property is no longer listed in your name with the County Recorder’s Office,” said Angel Poynter. “Vacating the home can welcome unwanted people looking for a quick buck or simply a place to stay.”

Angel Poynter has been serving Madison, Clark, Franklin and Delaware Counties since 2010 focusing on civil litigation, including personal injury, real estate law, evictions, and wrongful eviction defense. Prior to forming Poynter Law Firm, LLC, Angel was an Associate Attorney at Wildman & Associates, LLC, a general practice firm in London, Ohio, where she handled a wide array of cases, including general civil litigation, personal injury, real property law, attorney malpractice defense, divorce, and dissolutions cases. 

In addition, Ms. Poynter has experience in estate planning, as a mediator, and as in-house corporate counsel. Understanding the importance of having legal representation, Poynter Law Firm, LLC continues to have competitive legal rates.

Poynter Law Firm, LLC is located at 1425 E. Dublin Granville Rd. Suite 101, Columbus, Ohio 43229. For more information, please call 614-434-8529.

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Angel Poynter

Angel Poynter

Poynter Law Firm, LLC

Attorney Angel Poynter is Member of Poynter Law Firm, LLC, a law firm in Columbus, Ohio. As a lawyer in Columbus, OH, attorney Poynter serves Franklin County, as well as clients throughout Ohio.
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