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Tax Problems and IRS Audits

Tax attorneys represent individuals and businesses in a variety of tax issues, including unfiled tax returns, audits and appeals, and business and employment tax matters. Tax lawyers help ensure their clients comply with federal and state tax regulations and represent taxpayers in enforcement proceedings with the IRS. They also assist clients with a number of IRS collection matters, such as offers in compromise, installment agreements and IRS liens and levies. Business owners, professionals, and everyday citizens are among the individuals who need tax attorneys to help protect their legal rights.

Our tax attorneys and IRS defense lawyers are dedicated to resolving clients’ tax problems in a quick, economical and favorable manner. When possible, our tax lawyers try to resolve tax issues outside the courts. However, we are more than qualified to take cases to trial and employ an aggressive yet professional approach in the courtroom. We handle civil tax litigation in several forums, including the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Court of Claims, and U.S. Circuit Courts.

If you have a tax litigation or IRS issue, contact our tax attorneys today for a free case review. We place a strong emphasis on employing proactive methods to minimize client expenses and maximize the potential for positive results.

When handled improperly, an IRS audit can be an intrusive event that results in penalties and criminal prosecution. The audit process strongly favors the IRS, which is equipped with numerous tax attorneys and CPAs advising its revenue agents. If you are due for an IRS audit, speak with a qualified tax attorney before contacting the IRS. When handled properly, and with the help of a qualified tax lawyer, you can avoid additional taxes, penalties, and interest. Complete our free legal consultation form on the right and find out how our tax attorneys can help you level the playing field against the IRS.

If you have undergone an IRS audit and were dissatisfied with its outcome, our tax lawyers can still be of assistance. We can help you assert your right to appeal the agent’s findings and ensure the IRS appeal is filed in compliance with applicable tax laws. Our tax attorneys have an impressive track record when handling IRS appeals, and have success overturning audit findings or otherwise negotiating a favorable compromise.

Criminal Tax Matters & Tax Defense Attorneys

Once criminal tax charges are filed, the taxpayer faces the serious possibility of being sent to prison. To increase a taxpayer’s chances of avoiding jail time, financial penalties and similar consequences, an effective defense must be established. Generally, in criminal tax matters, a strong defense involves early intervention, skilled negotiations, and a strategy to convince the jury not to convict.

Our tax defense attorneys handle a variety of cases involving IRS tax fraud, including tax evasion, money laundering, aiding and abetting tax violations, and submitting false documents. If you are the target of a criminal tax investigation, contact our tax defense lawyers today by completing our free, rapid-response form on the right. Our tax defense attorneys are available to represent individuals and businesses in all stages of criminal tax cases and are committed to helping tax payers minimize or avoid the consequences of a criminal tax offense.

Tax Law Legal Guide and Information

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