Tax Law:

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a criminal offense carried out by taxpayers looking to avoid income tax by utilizing a range of illegal tactics, including failure to report their income. From multimillionaires charged with concealing assets in offshore accounts to local entrepreneurs failing to report a day’s cash earnings, taxpayers charged with tax evasion are at risk for serious consequences.

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If an IRS auditor suspects tax fraud, they may hand over the case to a criminal investigator. Taxpayers who intentionally cheat the government by evading taxes will face criminal prosecution. Those convicted of tax evasion may receive serious fines and jail time, even if the individual had no prior criminal convictions. Typically, the amount of jail time a tax evader receives is based on the amount of taxes they owed.

In the majority of cases, the IRS found out about the tax evasion through civil audits or from reports filed by a dissatisfied investment partner, employee or other individual with inside knowledge. If you were charged with an attempt to evade or defeat your taxes, contact our tax defense attorneys today by completing the form on the right. Our tax defense lawyers provide this initial consultation at no cost and have the skills necessary to help minimize or avoid the consequences for an alleged tax evader.