Intellectual Property Lawyers and Intellectual Property Attorneys

Intellectual Property Law is based upon the belief that ideas, because they are the products of the mind, deserve the same protection as physical products. There are four major types of intellectual property law :

  • Copyright law
  • Trademark law
  • Patent law
  • Trade secret law

Each of these types of intellectual property law carries with it certain exclusive rights and entitlements. An intellectual property lawyer may specialize in any or all of these areas, and be able to help you to protect and defend your intellectual property through the appropriate legal channels. Artists, authors, inventors, and the like should know their rights and the means of protecting their work. An intellectual property attorney can help answer questions about copyrighting your ideas, applying for a patent, trademarking your work, or protecting your trade secrets. If you feel your intellectual property rights have been violated, an intellectual property attorney may be able to get you compensation through an intellectual property lawsuit.

Intellectual Property Legal Guide and Information

Find Intellectual Property Resources and Information

A guide to copyright law, with information on fair use and public domain, obtaining a copyright and the registration process.
An overview of patent law, with information on types of patents, enforcement of patents and obtaining a patent.
Types of trademarks, business trademarks and other basics of trademark law are discussed here.
Trade Secrets
An overview of trade secrets, which is a set of information that is unknown in the industry and allows the user an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors.

Intellectual Property Official Links

Copyright - US Copyright Office
Provides and an overview of copyright law, federal laws, regulations and other US government publications.
Intellectual Property - US Patent and Trademark Office
A guide to trademark, copyright, trade secrets and patent laws.
Protecting Intellectual Property
A guide to protecting intellectual property.
Copyrights - US Patent and Trademark Office
Copyright overview including copyright basics, filesharing, the role of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and related links.