Intellectual Property:

Glossary of Terms

Abandonment: A patent application can become abandoned due to failure to file a complete and proper reply which is required under patent laws and regulations.

Agent: An individual, not an attorney, who is authorized to act for or in place of a patent applicant before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Applicant: An inventor who applies for a patent on their own invention, or an individual who is authorized to apply in place of the inventor.

Application: An application for a patent filed under federal law including all types of patent applications except provisional applications.

Assignment: Transfer of ownership of a patent or patent application from one entity to another.

Cancelled Claim: A patent claim that is deleted or cancelled.

Claims: Patent claims define the invention and legally enforceable aspects

Combination Patent: A patent issued for an invention that unites existing components in a new way.

Concept: A design or idea.

Design Patent: Granted to those inventing an original, new, and ornamental designs for an article of manufacture.

Enforceability of Patent: Right of the patent owner to bring an infringement suit against anyone who uses, sells or makes the invention without permission.

Filing Date: The date of receipt in the USPTO of an application.

Invention: Any process or art, machine, design, or composition of matter, variety of plant or manufacture which is or may be patentable.

Inventor: Individual who contributes to the conception of an invention.

Original Application: Refers to an application which isn’t a reissue application.

Patent: A property right granted to an inventor to prevent others from offering to sell, using, making or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention for a period of time in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.

Patent Infringement: Unauthorized using, making, offering to sell, selling or importing any patented invention.

Patent Number: Unique number given to a patent application when it issues as a patent.

Patent Pending: This number indicates that someone has applied for a patent on an invention that is contained in the manufactured item.

Scope: What is included.

Withdrawn Patent: An allowed application for a patent where the applicant files correspondence to withdraw the patent, preventing it from issuing on the patent issue date.