Tax Law:

False Statements

Your business may be under investigation for making false statements in regard to tax collection or tax returns. In fact, you may have already been charged with allegedly making false statements. In either situation, it’s important to speak with a qualified tax defense attorney who can help defend your legal rights.

Those facing the following charges should complete the free case review form on the right to speak with a tax defense lawyer.

  • Making false statements on your tax return
  • Lying to auditors or investigators
  • Making your tax return based on fake records
  • Leaving out truthful information under questioning
  • Making false or fraudulent claims on your tax return

Regardless of the details of your alleged false statement, your best option is to speak with an experienced attorney before your case proceeds any further.

Our tax defense attorneys focus their practice on resolving tax controversies, including defending individuals and businesses in cases involving false statements. If you have been charged with making a false statement in connection with your tax return, contact our tax lawyers today by filling out the free, no obligation case review form on the right.