Complex Litigation Lawyers and Complex Litigation Attorneys

Complex Litigation, also called commercial litigation and sometimes business litigation, actually encompasses a number of areas of law. Some of these include:

  • Insurance litigation issues
  • Real estate law
  • Corporate litigation
  • Fraud

Complex litigation attorneys handle these types of claims and disputes in issues such as bad faith claims, lien resolution, corporate governance, fiduciary issues, intellectual property, antitrust lawsuits, and securities litigation.

Furthermore, issues may be classified as complex litigation if they involve some of the following: depositions of a large number of witnesses, large amounts of data and calculations, short timelines, either the defense or cross examination of expert witnesses, an enormous number of documents, an in-depth understanding of complex issues, issues related to cutting edge technology, and multi-issue, multi-jurisdictional and multi-party lawsuits.

Complex and commercial litigation requires informed strategizing and considerable experience, in order to form complex legal solutions and resolution. This type of dispute frequently involves representing clients in a broad range of industries, including oil and gas, real estate, construction, computer and telecommunications industries. The successful resolution of a complex litigation case necessitates the understanding of all of the various issues and industries involved in such dispute. If you are facing a complex litigation dispute, an experienced complex litigation lawyer can help.


Complex Litigation Legal Guide and Information

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Complex and Commercial Litigation
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