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Press Release provided by James E Crawford Jr on October 11, 2018

What a Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney Does for You

We stand in your shoes during the court process to represent your rights and your interests. Our criminal defense lawyer wants to see that the government can prove each and every element of their case against the defendant. A lawyer’s job is to simply protect the public and individuals from being prosecuted indiscriminately. Our law firm has handled a range of claims against defendants and is skilled in determining whether the state orfederal government has a case.

We’ve taken that same fundamental thought process and applied it to all of our criminal defense strategies for clients throughout the state of Maryland and in Federal District Court. Because our system is an adversarial system where one party succeeds and the other one doesn’t, it’s extremely important to use every resource possible. We are proud to be that resource for countless clients in Baltimore in our over 25 years of practicing law.

History of the James E Crawford Jr. & Associates, LLC Law Firm
James E Crawford Jr

James E Crawford Jr

James E. Crawford, Jr.

Attorney James Crawford is an Attorney At Law of James E. Crawford, Jr., a law firm in Arbutus, Maryland. As a lawyer in Arbutus, MD, attorney Crawford serves Baltimore County, as well as clients throughout Maryland.
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