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Attorney J. Sebastian is a General Partner of J John Sebastian Attorney, a law firm in Buffalo, NY. As a lawyer in Buffalo, New York, attorney Sebastian serves Erie County, as well as clients throughout New York.

Contact Information
: 7162541751
Fax : 8667101665
Areas of Practice
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Traffic Violation
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Professional Memberships
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Natiional Criminal Defense Bar Association
  • Lawyer Central Verified and Featured Attorney
  • EZin Aritcles Expert Author Honors
Biographical Information

J John Sebastian is a lomg time experienced trial attorney. He has won acquittals for clients charged with many different crimes from DWI to Murder. He limits his practice and will only accept a certain amount of cases determined by the amount of time that each case requires to be handled optimally. Essentially operating a boutique criminal law practice.

He believes it is the quality of representation not the quantity of cases. This allows him to personally handle all of his cases in a thoughourly prepared manner and not delegate a case to a juinor less experienced lawyer. . He believes the client, criminal attorney is a very personal relationship based on trust and integrity and hiring an attorney you believe in is of utmost importance.

Born: NewYork, New York

J John Sebastian Attorney
Contact Information
: 7162541751
Fax : Not Available
Office Location

70 Niagara Street
Buffalo, New York 14202

Firm Overview

J John Sebastian Attorney is located in Erie County New York.

Practice Areas:
Criminal and Civil Litigation

$100,000 Verdict - Wrongful Death

Policy limit surrendered to estate of elderly gentleman killed in head on collission. Case settled less than 30 days after accident.

$50,000 Verdict - Back Injury

50 Year old painter rear ended in motor vehicle accident ,

$25,000 Verdict - Assaulted by Police Officer

44 yr old man assaulted by police during DWI arrest.

$16,000 Verdict - Burn Injury

30 yr old woman received a dime size burn scar on hairline while receiving a perm at salon.

$12,000 Verdict - slip and fall

45 year old man slip and fall down stairs at work while bartending.

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