Car Accident:

Types of Car Collisions

A car accident can occur between two consumer vehicles, or between a consumer vehicle and a pedestrian, bicyclist, or manmade structure.

The term auto accident covers many different types of car collisions. Head-on collisions, also known as frontal impacts, occur when a car hits a stationary object or is driven the wrong way down a road. This type of car accident can lead to serious injuries and even death. Rear-end collisions occur when the back of a car is hit. These collisions are usually caused by a driver who fails to brake in time.

Side impact collisions occur when the side of an automobile is hit. Many side impact collisions occur in parking lots, intersections or when a vehicle changes lanes. Two types of side impact crashes include the sideswipe and T-bone collision. Injuries caused by side impact collisions can be severe, as airbags are usually designed for front or rear end crashes. Also, side impact collisions may cause the driver to lose control and hit pedestrians or other cars.

While rollovers are the least common type of auto accident, they cause the most serious auto accident injuries. Rollovers occur when the car rolls onto its side or roof. Turning too quickly or sharply are common causes of rollover accidents. However, they can also occur if a car is hit from the side and experiences a tire blowout.

Auto Accident: Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents