Workers Compensation:

The Federal Black Lung Program

The Federal Black Lung Program (Division of Coal Mine Workers’ Compensation) administers claims filed under the Black Lung Benefits Act. The Act offers workers' compensation to coal miners who were totally disabled from pneumoconiosis, a disease contracted from coal mining, and to families of coal miners who passed away from the illness.

The Federal Black Lung Program provides services for the following people:

  • Coal miners and their surviving families
  • Representative payees for beneficiaries who need help with their benefits
  • Attorneys, coal mine operators, insurance carries and those involved in the claims and payment procedures
  • Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, respiratory clinics, etc.
  • Government agencies

In addition to serving as a main source of income for recipients, the Black Lung Program offers access to medical treatment for injured workers. Employees with pneumoconiosis can qualify for prescriptions, physicians’ appointments and in-patient and out-patient services. Program beneficiaries may also be eligible for medical equipment, home nurses, and pulmonary rehabilitation with a prescription. Medical bills are examined carefully to ensure the treatment is needed and payments are correct.

If you have suffered pneumoconiosis from your job, you may be eligible for benefits under the Black Lung Program. Speak with a workers’ compensation attorney or contact the Department of Labor for more information.