Construction Accident:

Steps Following an Injury

The steps one should take following an injury on a construction site may seem like common sense, but are still important to protecting your legal rights. After ensuring that your injuries receive medical attention, you should report the construction site injury to your employer and/or the manager of the construction site; be sure to record the name and official position of the person you informed. Note that if you are filing for workers' compensation benefits, you must complete the form as soon as possible after your supervisor gives it to you.

Preserve Evidence of the Construction Site Injury

You should do your best to get the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of anyone who witnessed or may have witnessed the construction site accident. Also, it is beneficial to record and preserve as much evidence as possible; if you can take photographs of the site, the injury, or the equipment involved, all of these can greatly strengthen your case later.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer

Finally, it is advisable to contact a construction attorney as soon as possible. Construction law can be quite complicated, and an experienced attorney, along with aiding in your fact-finding investigation, can guide you through the legal maze of deadlines and requirements. To speak with a construction lawyer about your crane injury, forklift injury, or other construction site injury, complete the form on the right to receive a free, no obligation case review.