Nursing Home Abuse:

Special Considerations

Bringing a claim of abuse or negligence against a nursing home requires that the victim bring to the table all evidence of loss or injury that has resulted. This means that as much proof of any of the following nursing home damages as possible should be procured:

  • Future medical expenses, in a necessary and reasonable estimate
  • Past expenses in the form of bills for physician, hospital, nursing and laboratory fees, medications, prosthetic devices, etc.
  • If immobilization has caused additional harm (i.e., from a hospital stay or extended bedrest)
  • Pain and suffering, both present and future, from physical injuries
  • Psychological anguish
  • Lack of sleep and its negative effects

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney knows how to collect evidence to strengthen these claims of injury. Follow the other links below to learn more in-depth about different types of nursing home negligence damages.