Nursing Home Abuse:

Shortened Life Expectancy

Courts typically do not treat shortened life expectancy as a separate category of damages, but it may augment the other categories of damages. It might be considered in determining how serious an injury is and could cause mental suffering from knowing one's life with be shorter. Additionally, shortened life expectancy can lead to greater damages for diminished earning capacity. In other words, those years that the victim would have been alive and earning money may be compensated.

Jurors are generally instructed to use standardized life expectancy tables to calculate future damages. That being said, on account of medical science's advancements and living conditions improving over the years, a victim's life expectancy might have been longer than the standard tables indicate, entitling him or her to more in damages. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle could suggest a greater former life expectancy for certain individuals than the table suggest. An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can build a persuasive case for greater shortened life expectancy damages based on these and other factors, providing the maximum compensation for the victim and the victim's family.