Nursing Home Abuse:

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is any form of nonconsensual sexual contact including inappropriate or unwanted touching, sodomy, rape, sexually explicit photographing, sexual coercion, and sexual harassment. Sexual abuse in nursing homes sometimes occurs when a resident is too sick, frail, or mentally incapacitated to give consent. A resident can be sexually abused by a staff member, another resident, a family member, or a stranger.

Sexual abuse by a nursing home staff member often occurs because the nursing home did not conduct a background check. When abuse occurs because of this reason, the nursing home can be liable for nursing home negligence.

Sexual abuse by another resident may occur because the nursing facility fails to properly supervise the residents. Many residents who are weak, unable to speak or unable to resist become the target of sexual abuse by other residents.

Sexual abuse by a stranger may occur because of lack of adequate security. Strangers can also enter when employees leaving the building for a cigarette or lunch break fail to lock the door.

When a husband or wife is placed in a nursing home, the other spouse may miss the relationship they used to have. When a resident is mentally or physically incapacitated, they lose their ability to consent to sexual relations. Nursing home staff members may fail to report this type of abuse because of the legal union between the two, allowing the sexual abuse to continue.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of nursing home sexual abuse, contact an experienced nursing home attorney for the legal advice you need.