Nursing Home Abuse:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the intentional use of force that can result in bodily injury or pain. Injuries to a nursing home resident can be especially serious, as nursing home patients tend to have fragile bodies on account of their advanced age.

Some common types of physical abuse of nursing home residents include:

  • Burning the resident
  • Pushing the resident
  • Striking or beating the resident
  • Force feeding the resident
  • Using unnecessary chemical or physical restraints
  • Pulling the resident’s hair

The nursing home can become liable for nursing home abuse or negligence if they fail to hire enough staff, fail to train employees, or fail to conduct background checks in order to prevent incidents such as these from occurring. If you or your loved one has been the victim of physical abuse, contact a nursing home abuse attorney immediately to protect your nursing home resident rights to compensation before the statute of limitations runs out.