Personal Injury Protection Insurance Disputes Lawyer Video

Insurance Coverage Video Featuring Attorney John Morgan


In Florida when you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s your fault or somebody else’s, your own insurance policy is what provides coverage for your medical bills, your lost wages, and some household services bills that you may incur.

What we’re seeing is that the insurance companies, and there’s $10,000 worth of Personal Injury Protection benefits, they don’t like to pay that $10,000 worth of benefits even though you paid your premiums for them.  So after you treat for a little while, what we’re seeing is insurance companies will have policyholders submit to a medical evaluation of a doctor of their choosing who then essentially prepares a rubberstamp report saying that no further treatment is reasonable, medically necessary, as it pertains to the injuries that somebody gets in an automobile accident.

So when they deny that claim, the person who had purchased insurance to provide for essentially medical benefits now have to come out of pocket to pay their doctors, hospitals, emergency room, things of that nature.  And so we see a lot of claims that come right after automobile accidents in this regard.


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