Workers Compensation:

Permanent Disability Compensation

Workers’ compensation programs provide benefits to workers who were hurt on the job. Injured employees can receive medical benefits, job rehabilitation and, if needed, survivor benefits for families who have lost a loved one. Workers’ compensation also offers disability benefits if the injured employee cannot return to the job following the work accident. However, cases involving workers' compensation disability benefits can become complicated, as several types of disability benefits exist for injured employees. A workers’ compensation lawyer with knowledge of disability benefits can help determine eligibility for injured workers.

An employee may receive permanent disability compensation after suffering:

  • Heart problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Decreased Vision
  • Spinal problems
  • Amputations

Each disability can be classified into a type—temporary, partial permanent or total permanent. A temporary disability means the employee suffered an injury, but will eventually return to employment. A partial permanent disability occurs when the worker is disabled, but can still perform some of his or her job duties. Lastly, a total permanent disability prevents a worker from ever returning to his or her job. Unfortunately, workers who seek total permanent disability often have trouble getting the benefits they need. Speaking with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help an injured worker get the disability benefits they deserve.

Disability benefits aim to provide injured workers with the resources they need to stay financially afloat while away from their job. Unfortunately, many workers return to work before they are healed simply because they are not receive the monetary benefits they deserve. Speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer today to find out if you qualify for workers' compensation disability benefits.