Car Accident:

Know Your Policy

Most people are ignorant of the details of their auto insurance policies. The fine print and legalese can be daunting; however, following an auto accident, ignorance is anything but bliss. Understanding your auto accident coverage is crucial for peace of mind during the post-accident process. For example, you should know if your auto insurance covers towing, replacement rental cars, or other specifics relating to the car accident. Often, these are easy and inexpensive to add and are well worth the price when you have to use them.

On your policy itself, there are conditions. These are directions for what you are required to do in the case of a car accident. While they are probably inconvenient, they are usually clear and direct. Failure to follow these may lead to a forfeiture of some of your rights, and ignorance of them is no excuse.

On the front of your policy, called the declarations page, there is a list of the types of auto coverage you have and their specific dollar amounts; there are also notations of any special provisions or discounts that you purchased. You should be aware of these details.

The agreement itself will contain the specifics of your coverage, explaining what is covered and the various exclusions (what is not covered). There should also be definitions of the terms used in the agreement. You can call your insurance agent (or state insurance department) and ask for a clear explanation of your policy. You should insist that you understand the details of your coverage. An auto accident attorney can also help guide you through these technical legal issues.