Car Accident:

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle

An automobile accident is a traumatic event and often, in the chaos of the moment, it is difficult to think clearly. One of the best ways to deal with this is proper preparation for the situation.

Keeping an emergency kit in the glove compartment of your car can be a tremendous aid. It is an excellent way of ensuring that no important information is neglected, that all the relevant facts are properly and accurately recorded, and that you are protected legally and medically. Carrying a cell phone is important; it enables you to contact the police, emergency service personnel, as well as alert friends or relatives of your condition.

In your glove compartment, you should store a pen and paper, for taking notes and exchanging auto accident information. A disposable camera should also be kept, for taking pictures of the vehicles, the damage, and the scene of the accident. It is advisable to store a card in your glove compartment or wallet that lists your medical allergies and conditions, should you be in a serious car accident and require special medical attention. A list of the phone numbers of law enforcement agencies can also be beneficial. Another helpful thing to keep in the glove compartment is a fill-in-the-blank car accident information form; they can be found online for free. Pre-packaged accident kits are available for purchase and can go a long way in easing your mind should you be in a motor vehicle accident. Finally, you should keep cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk.