Admiralty Maritime:

Jones Act Remedies

In 1920, Congress passed the Jones Act, which provided a clear path towards the recovery of workers who were hurt at sea. The Jones Act provides two avenues for remedies for those injured at sea. They are designed to protect the worker as they work towards recovery.

Transportation, Wages, Maintenance and Cure. This list requires liable employers to pay for the worker’s ancillary expenses by funding the worker’s transportation to a medical facility and paying their wages until the sea voyage is finished. Maintenance and cure is paid by the employer until the worker has reached their maximum level of recovery from the injuries. This includes medical costs and living expenses.

Negligence Damages. If the seaman was hurt as a result of the employer’s negligence, the Jones Act also allows for pain and suffering compensation. This term refers to the stress and anguish suffered by the injured worker, in addition to the physical pain.