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An insurance coverage lawyer is can provide help, answer questions, and guide a policyholder through the process of dealing with an insurance company. Insurance policies can be complex and overwhelming, containing numerous limitations, conditions, and qualification of coverage and certain losses are excluded. Disputes between insurance companies and policyholders, or between two insurance companies, often arise due to the denial of coverage, overlapping coverage, or a disagreement over the valuation or adjustment of the claim.

Insurance coverage law may involve any of the following areas:

  • Car accidents and car insurance
  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Life insurance
  • Insurance fraud
  • Denied claims

Personal injury, products liability, and other types of lawsuits often involve one or more insurance companies. During the claims process, insurance companies hold a significant advantage over the insured, due to their size, assets, and experience dealing with the legalese of the documents. Quite often, the policyholder may not understand the nuances of the claims process until a loss occurs. Without extensive knowledge of the policy, coverage, exclusions, limitations, and interpretations, the policyholder may feel helpless when presented with the interpretation and settlement offer of the insurance company. Because of this, in many cases the insured party may recover much less than what the policy provides. An experienced insurance coverage lawyer can help protect the rights of insurance policyholders so that they can recover their due and not suffer further unnecessary losses. Don't let insurance companies take advantage of you! Speak with an insurance coverage attorney to learn your rights and understand your coverage and policy.

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