Construction Accident:

General Contractor or Sub Contractors

It is the legal responsibility of both general and sub-contractors to make sure that a construction site is as safe as possible and to forewarn anyone on the premises of existing hazards or potentially dangerous conditions.  Generally, a contractor or sub-contractor’s duty to ensure a safe environment (to the extent that he or she can exercise control over a portion of the construction site) includes the hiring of reasonable and competent employees and adhering to safety regulations.

If a worker is injured at a construction site, the contractor may be at fault and therefore legally responsible to compensate for the damages.  If contractor liability insurance has been purchased, the damages are paid for by the company that issued the policy and the contractor will not absorb the financial repercussions.  Most contractors (or sub-contractors) are required to purchase this type of insurance.

If the contractor (or sub-contractor) knowingly withholds information that leads to an incident, they (and often, those under whom they are employed) can become personally at fault, and therefore liable for whatever injuries were suffered.  In addition, if the contractor (or sub-contractor) acted against or unbeknownst to his or her employers, he or she can also be held liable for this behavior.