Construction Accident:

Ensuring Construction Site Safety

Construction workers face numerous dangers and a high risk of accidents on the job due to the nature of their work. Construction workers are constantly working with heavy equipment and hazardous substances in the course of building new structures. Construction site accidents often involve the use of heavy machinery, cranes, hoists or scaffolding. Additional safety hazards faced by construction workers are falls, work-related motor vehicle crashes, electrocution, and injuries caused by falling objects.

Reducing the risk of hazards and ensuring that proper safety practices are followed should be a top priority for construction contractors, developers, and subcontractors. Although codes and safety regulations are put in place in order to protect construction workers from the dangers they face on the job, some companies and individuals choose to ignore them. This may lead to tragic construction site accidents that could have been avoided.

Minimizing Construction Site Accidents

Listed below are several examples of common safety protocol to minimize risk of injuries and accidents on a construction site:

  • Ensure that supervisors and employees have a good understanding of construction site preparation and safety expectations
  • Provide sufficient training so that workers know how to handle dangerous materials and heavy equipment safely
  • Emphasize that workplace safety must be the top priority for everyone involved in the construction project
  • Be aware of conditions that can contribute to an accident and then work to reduce or remove exposure to these conditions (Example: enclosing live electrical circuits)
  • Be proactive and train workers on how to anticipate and avoid problems before they occur
  • Remove debris and refrain from leaving equipment lying around on a work site in order to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls
  • Provide workers with personal protective equipment, such as safety harnesses
  • Inspect equipment each day and repair any damaged or weakened parts immediately
  • Store chemicals and other hazardous materials in approved, leak proof containers

Help for a Construction Site Injury

Construction workers have the right to a workplace that is reasonably free of health and safety hazards. If you believe that you are working in an unreasonably unsafe environment, the first step should be to notify your supervisor, verbally and then in writing. If this proves ineffective, the next reasonable step would be to inform OSHA. Complaints can be filed online, over the phone, or by mail. For more information, visit How to File a Complaint with OSHA.

If you are the victim of a construction accident, contact a construction lawyer today to ensure that your rights are protected and to find out if you are entitled to compensation.