Construction Accident:


Injury or death due to electrocution and electrical accidents is a significant risk on construction sites, both to electrical and non-electrical workers. Most injuries occur because contractors disregard the potential danger posed by “live” electrical wires. The majority of electric shock injuries are not a result of working directly with electrical wires, but rather of incidental contact with overhead wires. Cranes, backhoes, excavators, dump trucks, ladders, and scaffolds may all accidentally come in contact with live overhead wires and injure or kill those using the equipment.

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Responsibility for Electrical Accidents and Electric Shock Deaths

Contractors have the responsibility of knowing the location of all overhead and buried electrical lines and alerting their workers in compliance with OSHA electrical regulations. If the lines pose a hazard, they should be moved, insulated, or turned off before work commences. The utility company should be contacted; they can indicate the location of all electrical wires and aid in ensuring safety. When a contractor fails to uphold these duties and comply with OSHA regulations regarding the prevention of electrical accidents, the injured worker or their surviving family can file a construction accident lawsuit against the contractor.

Construction Lawsuits for Electric Shock Injuries

Workers who suffer electrocution injuries may have difficulty carrying out a normal life following their construction site accident. Electric shock injuries often require extensive rehabilitation and continual medical treatment, placing a financial burden on the worker and their loved ones. In many cases, construction workers who are injured in electrical accidents may be unable to return to work for weeks, months or even permanently. While workers’ compensation provides minimal benefits to injured construction workers, construction lawsuits typically provide substantially larger awards.

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