Personal Injury:

Dog Bite Damages

A dog owner who is liable for dog bite injuries may have to compensate the victim for costs related to the injury. If the owner’s negligent actions lead to the dog bite injury, he or she may also be responsible for paying punitive damages, which are meant to punish the owner for misconduct.

If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog, you may be eligible for compensation. Fill out our free case review form and a dog bite attorney will evaluate your claim.

Medical Bills

A dog owner may be responsible for paying the victim’s medical bills if the dog bite requires medical attention. This dog bite damage includes all costs resulting from the injury such as doctor visits (including plastic surgeons), hospital services, medicine, physical therapy and counseling.

If the dog bite worsens a pre-existing medical condition, the total cost of medical bills may be more than expected for dog bite treatment. In general, the liable party will be responsible for all injuries, even if a pre-existing condition increased the severity of the dog bite injury. For instance, a dog attacks and knocks over an elderly man with pre-existing back conditions. As a result, the man stays in the hospital for several days, accumulating costly medical bills. In this case, the dog’s owner, if held accountable, will be responsible for these medical expenses, even if the man’s prior back problems mandated a longer hospital stay following the dog attack.

Lost Income

If a dog bite victim takes time off work for medical diagnosis, treatment or recovery, the dog’s owner may be responsible for the victim’s lost wages. If the dog bite prevents the victim from returning to their job, loss of earning capacity may also be paid to the victim.

Pain and Suffering

In personal injury cases, including dog bite lawsuits, the justice system attempts to place a dollar value on pain and suffering. This dog bite damage can vary in amount by cases, so it’s important to contact a skilled dog bite attorney who can estimate the amount of compensation owed for your injuries.

Loss of Services

In certain states, a dog bite victim’s family can recover compensation for loss of services. This dog bite damage does not only apply to economic services; it can also refer to companionship.

Multiple Damages

In some states, the dog bite victim can recover up to three times the amount of monetary damages owed to them if the dog has bitten another individual in the past. In addition, if the dog was labeled as “dangerous” in accordance with local or state dog bite laws, the victim may also be eligible to recover multiple damages.

Punitive Damages

If a dog owner’s reckless actions, such as letting a wild dog run loose, lead to a dog bite injury, he or she may have to pay an extra amount of damages known as punitive damages. Punitive damages are serve to punish the offending party, and hopefully to prevent similar acts in the future by that individual or others.  The jury is allowed to base the amount of punitive damages on the dog owner’s wealth.

Dog Bite Lawyers

If you suffered a dog bite injury, or if a loved one was bitten by a dog, fill out our free case review form. A dog bite attorney can determine the liability of the dog owner and estimate the amount of compensation owed to you. It is important to contact a dog bite lawyer immediately after your injury as dog bite victims only have a certain amount of time to file a claim before they are barred from ever recovering compensation.