Car Accident:

Document the Accident

Documenting an auto accident involves two things: talking with witnesses and taking pictures. You should ask any witnesses what they saw; be sure to get their names, telephone numbers, and permission to contact them if necessary. Do not force people to talk with you; if they are not helpful now, they won’t be helpful later. Talk with as many witnesses as possible; they may be very helpful should you and the other driver offer differing versions of the event.

You should take photographs of the car accident as soon as possible. If you do not keep a disposable camera in the glove compartment in case of such an occurrence, you should. Even pictures from a camera phone can be helpful. Pictures should show the context of the auto accident and the extent of the damage. These images, contrasted with any early pictures of your vehicle, provide an excellent “before and after,” which is helpful in assessing auto accident damage. Photographing an auto accident scene will bolster your case with your auto accident insurance claims adjuster and help determine just compensation. They can also serve as evidence in a car accident lawsuit, if necessary.