Food Poisoning:

Dining Out

When eating out, much concerning the food is out of your control. Still, there are steps you can take to ensure your health and safety to the best of your ability. The first step is your choice of restaurant. It is the responsibility of local health departments to inspect restaurants, in order to ensure that the kitchen is sanitary and satisfactory. The score from the most recent inspection should be posted and can provide a basis for your choice You may wish to also ask if the restaurant trains their staff, as this too can be an important factor.

There are steps you can take, after choosing the restaurant. The first is to be careful with the foods that you order. If you want to order a burger, you should specifically ask that it be cooked to 160ºF (78ºC). If, when it is served, the inside is still pink, you should ask that it be cooked again. If you wish to be particularly cautious, ask for a new plate and bun as well, to minimize the risk contact with a pathogen that might cause a food-related illness. This holds true for any meat or poultry item that is served which appears to be less than fully cooked. If you are ordering a product that containing eggs, you should ask if they have been pasteurized. If the eggs have not been pasteurized, it would be advisable to choose something else on the menu. Be proactive and do not be afraid to return something; after all, remember that it is your health that is at stake.

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Food Poisoning: Prevention and Safety