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Cruise Injury FAQs

I was hurt on a cruise ship. What should I do?

After seeking medical attention, check your cruise ticket to see what it require you to do for your cruise ship injury. This ticket acts as a contract which usually requires you to notify the cruise line of your injury within six months of your cruise ship injury. The cruise ticket will probably also state that if you do not notify the cruise line of your injury, you will not be able to collect damages. When you notify the cruise line of your injury, retain proof that you alerted them of the injury and that they received the notice. The ticket will most likely require you to bring a lawsuit within one year from the date of your cruise ship injury. Because of the restrictions on your cruise ship ticket, it is important to act quickly after your cruise ship injury.

Where do I file my lawsuit for my cruise ship injury?

Your cruise ticket will probably require you to file suit in the city where the cruise line is based.

Should I try to settle my claim with the cruise line before contacting an attorney?

In most cases, no. To receive compensation, you must abide by the strict contract (ticket) of the cruise line. The time period to file a cruise ship injury lawsuit is short, so quickly contacting an attorney may help you with your case. Trying to settle a claim may be time consuming, so contact a maritime lawyer after your cruise ship injury.

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