Construction Accident:

Crane Accidents

Cranes are a form of construction equipment used to lift and move large loads of concrete and other heavy materials. Although cranes are useful to many construction employers and employees, they also present a risk of serious injury that may occur as a result of overloading, defective equipment or failure to maintain the crane.

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Crane Injury Causes

Crane accidents, and their resulting injuries, can be caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Defective equipment
  • Operator error
  • Improper loading
  • Failure to maintain or inspect the crane
  • Poor weather conditions

Crane accidents on a construction site can cause serious injuries to the operator and nearby employees. A crane injury can leave a worker temporarily or permanently disabled and can have a devastating effect on the victim’s future. Among the most common crane accident injuries are crush injuries and electrocution.

Types of Crane Accidents

Crane accidents can occur in a variety of ways. When a poorly trained crane operator gets behind the controls of a crane, any worker within the vicinity can be at risk for a serious crane injury. Below are the most common types of crane accidents:

Mobile Crane Accidents: A mobile crane is a type of crane which travels over rubber wheels or steel tracks. A mobile crane with rubber tires can rotate 360 degrees and provide an easy way to transport items from one place to another. When used properly, mobile cranes provide a safe and reliable method of moving and lifting loads. However, because mobile cranes have the ability to lift large loads to extreme heights, they also have the potential to cause devastating crane injuries.

Tower Crane Accidents: Many tower crane accidents develop during three phases—the raising, jumping, and dismantling of the tower crane. Other accidents involving tower cranes occur when loads are dropped onto nearby workers. Tower crane accidents can be caused by operator error, improper riggings or modifications, electrical line contact or failure to utilize weight charts and overload alarms.

Railroad Crane Accidents: Railroad cranes are used to assist in railroad work, including track repair and maintenance. Most railroad crane accidents occur when loads are unexpectedly dropped or when the crane tips over. Railroad crane accident lawsuits are often filed against the crane manufacturer or designer.

Crane Accident Lawsuits

Successful crane accident lawsuits provide monetary damages to compensate the injured construction worker for his or her financial losses and physical suffering. To determine if you can pursue compensation for your crane injury, fill out our free case review form on the right. Our construction lawyers can review your claim and determine if someone else is liable for your suffering.