Car Accident:

Contact an Attorney

While involving a car accident attorney after an auto accident, especially a minor one, may not seem necessary, it is an option that should always be considered. In today’s environment where lawsuits are more and more common, contacting an auto accident attorney is a common sense way of protecting your best interests. There is probably no reason to contact a lawyer following a simple fender bender, provided that no one was injured. However, in the case of any more serious car accident, involving accident or injury, an experienced auto accident lawyer can offer advice, legal representation, and peace of mind.

Certain circumstances necessitate the immediate involvement of an auto accident attorney. These include:

  • Serious or lasting auto accident injury
  • Injury that involves significant time lost from work, school, or other duties
  • Death
  • Fault is a hotly contested issue
  • Pedestrian accidents or multiple automobiles accidents 
  • Accidents in construction areas or work zones
  • Inaccurate and incriminating police reports
  • Significant technical, medical or legal issues
  • A low limit on your liability insurance
  • You do not have insurance or your insurer implies that you have not been paying
  • Your insurer’s actions seem to be suspect
  • Your insurer involves its attorney

There are also circumstances which, though not as serious as those listed above, should involve a car accident attorney. These include:

  • An insurance company approaches you with a settlement offer. Get advice before you accept!
  • Uncertainty about the availability of insurance
  • Fault is not clear
  • Your insurer does not seem to be acting in your best interests
  • You need help dealing with an insurance company
  • You are unsure of your rights
  • Your auto insurance policy is confusing
  • You are overwhelmed by complicated paperwork

Remember, each auto accident is different, so use your best judgment when determining if you should contact an attorney. The decision is best made early in the process; the longer you wait the more difficult it will be for the attorney to help you.