Construction Accident:

Construction Site Owner

Property owners are the reason a construction job occurs; they are the ones who request it. Since it is their land, they have a good deal of authority concerning what goes on at the construction site. However, they may choose to cede some of this authority and responsibility to the contractors they have hired to get the job done. The person with legal control of the construction site, not necessarily the landowner, assumes the liability for the site.
However, regardless of how much control landowners have over the day-to-day operations of the construction site (which can give them more or less liability for injuries that occur), construction site owners are obligated to inform construction workers of potential safety hazards on the property. If they know or should have known about a dangerous aspect of the property and neglect to properly inform the workers, any resulting construction site injuries could be legally considered their responsibility. This duty does not extend, however, to hazardous conditions that should be obvious to those involved; these may be taken for granted and limit the liability of property owners for construction site injuries.