Construction Accident:

Construction Equipment Accidents

Construction equipment is one of the many causes of construction site accidents. Cranes, backhoes, bulldozers and front-end loaders can cause serious, debilitating injuries that may prevent a construction worker from ever returning to work. If you or a loved one suffered a construction equipment injury, such as a crane injury or forklift injury, fill out our free case review to find out if you are eligible for additional compensation.

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents most commonly occur when the crane hits electrical power lines. This type of crane accident puts the operator and nearby construction workers at risk for electrocution. Other types of crane accidents include:

Rigging Crane Accidents: Material attached to the load block falls onto unsuspecting construction workers.

Structural Failure and Tipping Crane Accidents: Heavy loads that exceed the crane’s structural and stability limitations cause the crane to collapse or tip onto nearby construction employees.

Although crane accidents are a less common form of construction site accident, they can cause devastating injuries for crane operators and nearby workers. A construction worker who suffers a crane injury may be able to recover compensation from the party responsible for their injuries. Many crane accident lawsuits cite the crane manufacturer as the defendant, but only a skilled construction site accident attorney can determine who can be held liable for your injuries.

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts help construction workers perform tasks that would otherwise necessitate a large number of workers and man-hours. These powered industrial trucks save construction employees and contractors money and time. However, when a forklift is defective or used without proper care and caution, it can cause a devastating forklift injury to the operator and nearby employees.

Unfortunately, there are many workers operating forklifts on construction sites who are not certified forklift operators.  This lack of training greatly increases the danger of a forklift accident, as do a lack of sufficient maintenance and safety protocol.  Forklift manufacturers, property owners, and contractors could be liable for injuries that were cause by a forklift accident, as the proper functioning and use of this machinery is often theirs responsibility.

Backhoe Accidents

Backhoes are comprised of a digging bucket attached to a stick or a dipper. Used in construction sites across the country, backhoes are used for excavating and moving materials, such as dirt. Backhoe accidents most commonly occur when construction workers are hit by the digging bucket or machine itself. Backhoe injuries can also result from rollovers and electrocution.

Manufacturers of backhoes have a duty to design machinery that is reasonably safe. In addition, manufacturers must install safety features, such as guards, and provide adequate warning of any foreseeable hazards. If the manufacturer fails to follow these guidelines for safety, they can be held liable in a construction accident lawsuit.

Bulldozer Accidents

Bulldozers are used to remove or spread dirt, dig up trees and level ground. Because of their size and weight, bulldozers are extremely dangerous machines. Bulldozer accidents can lead to head injuries, broken bones and blunt force trauma.

Bulldozer accidents most commonly include rollovers, falls and runovers. Limited visibility can lead bulldozer operators to drive too close to a ledge or ditch and slide down the edge. When this occurs, the machine might roll, placing the operator in danger of being pinned or crushed under the bulldozer. Manufacturers should install rollover protective structures as standard equipment on all bulldozers. If these protective features cannot fully protect construction workers from rollovers, warnings should be included with the bulldozers.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers face dangerous and life-threatening situations on a daily basis. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1,121 construction workers were killed on site in 2002; this was the leading cause of workplace fatality that year. Many of these deaths were attributed to dangerous machinery, including backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, and front-end loaders. If you or a loved one was injured in a construction accident involving dangerous machinery, fill out our free case review on the right. Our construction accident attorneys will review you claim, at no cost to you, and determine whether you are eligible for additional compensation.