Construction Accident:

Causes of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are among the most common work-related personal injuries. When contractors, subcontractors, and developers fail to comply with OSHA safety standards, the risk of construction site accidents increases. Failure to provide proper safety training to workers also increases the chances that a construction accident will occur.

Equipment Failure & Construction Site Accidents

One of the primary causes of construction site accidents is equipment failure due to wear and tear or improper maintenance. When construction workers use worn-out tools and equipment, they face the risk of being seriously injured on the job. All construction equipment should be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure that it is safe for use on the job. Defects in the design or manufacturing of the equipment can also cause of equipment failure and serious injuries.

Falls are another major cause of workplace injuries sustained on construction sites. Slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls from rooftops and scaffolds in particular can result in catastrophic injuries and, in the most serious cases, fatalities.

Other Causes of Accidents on Construction Sites

Additional causes and types of construction accidents include:

  • Electrocution
  • Fires or explosions
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Heavy machinery accidents involving cranes and forklifts
  • Faulty safety harnesses
  • Welding accidents
  • Trench collapses
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Power tool accidents

The causes of construction site accidents can vary depending on several factors including:

  • The type of job performed by the construction worker
  • The work environment
  • The equipment used in the course of the worker's daily tasks

Construction Lawsuits

If you have suffered a work-related construction accident causing a personal injury, you may be entitled to claim damages through a construction lawsuit. The construction manager, equipment manufacturer, contractor, or subcontractor may be at fault for not taking the proper safety precautions. Fill out the form on this page to have our construction litigation lawyers evaluate your case for free.