Construction Accident:

Building Collapse

A structural collapse at a construction site can put many people, both workers and passersby, at risk for serious physical injury or death. The building itself may collapse on a worker or release loose debris which can hit construction workers and others nearby the site. Construction workers on attached scaffolding or ladders are also at risk for serious injuries. In addition to affecting workers and visitors to the construction site, the structural failure can also harm those in neighboring buildings.

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Causes of Building Collapses and Structural Failure

There are many causes of building collapses, including:

  • Faulty design
  • Poorly manufactured construction equipment
  • Foundation failure
  • Excessive loads

A contractor, subcontractor or other entity may be liable when a construction worker is injured in a building collapse. For instance, architects and designers, who sometimes push the limits of construction, may have neglected to inform construction workers on the proper safety precautions for the worksite. The architects may also be held accountable if a worker is injured in a building collapse caused by a faulty design.

Construction Attorneys for Workers Injured in a Building Collapse

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