Medical Malpractice:

Awareness of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a widespread problem, but public awareness is still surprisingly low. Studies place the annual number of deaths resulting from medical malpractice between 80,000 and 98,000. Beyond this, countless medical malpractice injuries and illness occur every year because of preventable medical errors. The most staggering statistic is that, according to predictions, only about two percent of injured patients pursue legal compensation by means of a lawsuit. A different study found a slightly higher percentage, with almost thirteen percent filing lawsuits.  Of these, less than seven percent recovered any medical malpractice damages. Considering the extent of the problem, these numbers are extraordinarily low.

One of the public benefits of lawsuits is that they are preventative measures against similar mistakes and infractions occurring in the future.  Doctors who have been willfully or accidentally negligent are likely to exercise greater caution, as are their peers and the organizations that employ them, if medical malpractice lawsuits are being filed.  If you have been a victim of negligent care, speak to an experienced medical malpractice attorney about pursuing your claim.