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While traveling by airplane or helicopter is relatively a safe means of transportation, when aviation accidents do occur, they are are dramatic, tragic, and almost always involve fatalities. Aviation accidents involving small private aircrafts are less frequently covered by the media than large common carrier disasters, but they occur more frequently and are similarly deadly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) establishes safety standards for airplanes, from manufacturing to operation, in order to prevent airplane crashes. It is the job of an aviation accident attorney to uphold these and similar laws that protect victims of airplane crashes and helicopter accidents, as well as their families.

It should be noted that an aviation accident may occur from the moment someone boards a plane until they disembark; the accident does not need to be flight-related. The causes of aviation accidents are varied, and may be traced back to pilot error, mechanical error, weather, sabotage, or other human error relating to communications or actions taking place before boarding. All of these factors need to be considered when determining liability.

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