Car Accident:

Auto Accident Insurance Claims

After you have been in a car accident, it is important to report the accident to your auto insurance company and start filing a motor vehicle accident claim. Once you have submitted your auto accident insurance claim, a claims adjuster will contact you. They will go over your auto insurance policy and determine your coverage types, deductibles and coverage limitations.

Investigation of an Auto Accident Claim

If the car accident was not too involved, the claims adjuster may get an estimate for the repairs and mail you a check. If the car accident insurance claim was more complex, the process may be longer. The adjuster will investigate your auto accident claim. During the investigation, the car accident claims adjuster may:

  • Comb through your policy
  • Speak with witnesses to the auto accident
  • Contact the other party involved in the car crash
  • Read through the police report
  • Take photos of the auto accident damages and scene of the car accident
  • Investigate your medical expenses

Settlement Offers for Car Accident Insurance Claims

After the automobile accident claim investigation has been completed, the adjuster will send out a settlement offer which will explain what your auto insurance company is willing to pay. Usually, these settlement offers tend to be rather low. However, adjusters can be negotiated with. If you have an idea of what you should be receiving, you can send a demand letter which states fault, damages and the amount you think you deserve.

Denied Car Accident Claims

Denied auto accident claims may indicate there are some limitations in your policy. Check the denial letter against your policy to see if the denial is appropriate. If you suspect your car accident claim has been wrongfully denied, write the insurance company and explain why you believe your claim should not be denied. You can also appeal the decision to the State Insurance Commissioner. Lastly, you should hire an auto accident lawyer to speak with the insurance company.