Car Accident:

Auto Accident Damages

One of the auto accident damages an insurance company will usually pay for is medical expenses. These expenses can include doctor visits, hospital stays, ER expenses and physical therapy costs. You may also be able to recover future auto accident compensation medical expenses if you are likely to need continued medical treatment. If you are in physical pain following the auto accident, you may be eligible to collect pain and suffering damages. The jury will consider your type of auto accident injury and the severity and duration of the pain to determine the car accident compensation amount.

Mental Anguish

A car accident victim can also seek mental anguish damages. These car accident damages offer compensation for anxiety, humiliation, grief, shock, fear or nervousness. In addition, if the victim suffered disfigurement in an auto accident, they can be compensated through mental anguish damages.

Lost Wages

If you lost out on work because of your car accident, you may be able to recover lost wages. You can seek auto accident compensation for the amount of money you would have earned from the date of your injury to the time of the settlement. If your car accident injury impairs you from earning money, you can recover damages for your loss of earning capacity.

Loss of Consortium

In addition, if a spouse has been injured in a car crash, the uninjured spouse can make a claim for loss of consortium. This type of car accident damage refers to married life benefits including companionship and comfort. Lastly, you can recover for auto accident property damage

To determine the amount of auto accident damages you recover following your auto accident, the insurance company will examine how much money the injured party spent or lost during recovery. However, some car accident damages, including mental anguish and pain and suffering, are harder to assign a dollar amount.