Medical Malpractice:


State: Alaska

Link to State Law: Unofficial Alaska Statutes

The following information is meant to be a guide. It is believed to be accurate at the time of authorship but may not reflect the most current data due to changes in the law. If you require legal assistance or guidance with regard to Alaska state law, contact an experienced attorney.

Alaska Statute of Limitations: 2 years from the discovery of the injury. (§09.10.070)

Minimum Qualifications of Expert Witnesses: Medical malpractice witness must be trained and certified in the defendant's specialty and must also be certified by a board recognized by the state of Alaska. (§09.20.185)

Limitations on Monetary Damages: Medical malpractice non-economic damages are limited to $400,000, except in cases where the injury is over 70% disabling in severe and permanent impairment, in which case the cap is $1,000,000. (§09.17.010) The limit for punitive damages is $500,000. (§09.17.020)

Limitations on Attorney Fees: There are no limitations on attorney fees.