Criminal Related Visa Ineligibility

Some people can be excluded from obtaining a visa on criminal grounds. Those convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or a violation of any regulation relating to a controlled substance will not be permitted to obtain a visa. There are several exceptions to these rules. An alien will be allowed to apply for a visa if they committed only one crime involving moral turpitude; the crime was committed before the age of 18; the crime was committed more than five years before the date of application or admission to the U.S.; or the maximum penalty for the crime did not exceed one year of imprisonment and the conviction led to imprisonment less than six months.

Other criminals prohibited from receiving a visa include:

  • Controlled substance traffickers
  • Prostitutes and procurers of prostitutes
  • Those engaged in human trafficking
  • Those engaged in money laundering
  • Those convicted of two or more offenses who are sentenced to confinement of five years or more